The Kali Linux Dojo – Angela Might Have Done Much Better

The Kali Linux Dojo – Angela Might Have Done Much Better

Vivek Ramachandran, Creator of Pentester Academy and SecurityTube.netThomas d’Otreppe, Writer Of Aircrack-ng

ac companies provide an important challenge for scalable packet sniffing and research. With estimated rates inside Gigabit array, USB Wi-Fi cards situated assistance are now actually obsolete! In this workshop, we shall take a look at building a custom spying answer for ac utilizing from the shelf access guidelines and open supply program. Our very own “”Hacker Gadget”” will address ac overseeing issues including station bonding, DFS networks, spatial streams and highest throughput facts prices. We’ll furthermore seem various ways to create reside online streaming assessment of packages and derive protection knowledge from it!

Vivek Ramachandran (Twitter: ) may be the Founder and fundamental coach at Pentester Academy. He uncovered the Caffe Latte assault, smashed WEP Cloaking, conceived enterprise Wi-Fi Backdoors, produced Chellam – society’s first Wi-Fi Firewall and Chigula – a Wi-Fi facts mining and IDS structure. He is also the writer of numerous five-star rated products having collectively sold over 13,000+ duplicates globally and have already been converted to multiple dialects. Vivek were only available in 2007, a YouTube for protection which latest aggregates the biggest number of protection investigation video clips on line. SecurityTube tuition and Pentester Academy now offer a large number of people from over 90 nations worldwide. Vivek’s work with wireless safety is cited in BBC on the web, InfoWorld, MacWorld, The enroll, IT World Canada etc. areas. He’s spoken/trained at leading seminars across the world including Ebony Hat USA, European countries and Abu Dhabi, Defcon, Hacktivity, Brucon, universo Hacker time yet others.

Thomas d’Otreppe (Twitter: ) try a wireless safety researcher and author of Aircrack-ng, the most famous and comprehensive room of equipment for Wi-fi network protection tests. He also developed OpenWIPS-ng, an unbarred source Wireless attack reduction program. Thomas are a contributor on the Wi-fi stack and toolset in Backtrack Linux, that has now come to be Kali Linux, the de facto top possibility Linux submission for penetration testing and susceptability assessment across numerous tech domains. He is also called an author of a pro-active wireless protection program that has been shipped to large numbers of IT protection specialists around the world. Thomas speaks and instructs within the Americas and Europe and is a well-known presenter at DefCon, Blackcap, DerbyCon, SharkFest, universo Hacker Day, BruCON along with other locations

Mati Aharoni, Kali Linux Developer

This working area will reveal how to come up with yours individualized Kali Linux ISO, personalizing virtually every facet making use of the live-build energy. You’ll learn to write custom Kali devices and committed knowledge for the people ever-so-specific jobs.

Mati Aharoni (Twitter: ) was an infosec dinosaur along with 10 years of active involvement in the infosec neighborhood. Between Kali developing and trying out mystical equipment, Mati likes the evangelical part of persuading whoever will pay attention in regards to the virtues of Kali Linux.

Not so long ago, we watched this tweet from Kenneth Lipp: In sum open to law enforcement supposed to make burner cell phones worthless. Even though people changes cell phones, if their routine of behavior (in both regards to connections and call areas) remains alike or similar, AT&T can identify so itA?AˆA™s exactly the same individual merely making use of a brand new cell.

This seems like a good teaching possibility! Attendees as of this working area will establish equivalent analytics as AT&T does, utilizing Python on some A?AˆA?phone metadataA?AˆA? produced just for you to tackle with. YouA?AˆA™ll manage to find burner devices inside mess, and ideally learn some fun circle review, machine understanding, and Python development skill as you go along!

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