Parmalat Category, FYE 2002 Overall performance and strategies, , Milan – Slide thirteen

Parmalat Category, FYE 2002 Overall performance and strategies, , Milan – Slide thirteen

Which independency usually allow renegotiation towards re also resource of your own loans with the favourable terms and conditions. Cfr Cucinotta, Stay Bocchi G. G. off – E-post sent or acquired from the Dr. Ferraris, accessory zero.

42 560 information on the location off opportunities differ “with respect to the individual of your own guidance” because the cited lower than: “So you’re able to auditors, regarding the equilibrium sheets, exchangeability try filed as actually from inside the”:

Auditors table Millions of euros % Italy 372 ten

4% European countries 368 ten.3% America * 2,735 76.5% Central The usa 69 step one.9% South usa nine 0.3% Africa 11 0.3% Asia dos 0.1% Australian continent seven 0.2% Full step three,573 one hundred% * America comes with new Cayman Is actually, “I informed Fundamental &. Poor’s that the liquidity had been kept regarding pursuing the regions”

Parfin integration website name Bonlat1 % Bonlat Liquid assets 951 436 45.8% Securities released so you’re able to working capital 2,413 2,127 88.1% Total € step 3,364 dos,563 76.2% Within Considering pointers Parfin delivered new CONSOB towards 21/7/03, the group’s exchangeability (“cash”) at the end of 2002 as well as in was submitted as actually centered, apart from on Bonlat, regarding two Dutch this really is (Parmalat Fund Organization BV and you can Parmalat Netherlands BV) as revealed from the adopting the table:

Parmalat category – Bottom line by the depositary company away from possessions balances of newest profile on banking companies Providers on on Bonlat Money Business 43(5 forty-five.8% 645 68.3% Parmalat Finanziaria Spa 3 0.3% fifteen step one.6% Parmalat Health spa 66 6.9% 68 7.2% Parmalat Money Agency BV 191′ 20.1% 117 several.4% Parmalat Netherlands BV 112J 11.8% 10 step 1.1% PDBI Liquidity Government Hungary 34 step three.6% 0 Parmalat Whole milk & Bakery 18 step one.9% 0 Parmalat Restaurants Inc, 0 -,- 23 dos.4% Indulac step three 0.3% thirteen 1.4% Total Within Dominating DEPOSITARIES12 863 ninety.7% 891 94.4% Other businesses 88 9.3% 53 5.6% Overall Exchangeability 951 100.0% 944 100.0% Total Liquidity Leaving out BONLAT 515 54.2% 299 29.7% Amounts within the an incredible number of euros Prominent amounts; from which 189 at the San Paolo-IMI. from which 109 on San Paolo- IMI The brand new CONSOB are for this reason in a position to dictate one to “an enormous part of the Parmalat group’s exchangeability are focused within this new Bonlat Financial support Enterprise, head office to the Cayman Are., a subsidiary regulated indirectly from the Parmalat Spa sub-group”eleven. Much more in depth manner, this new “liquidity” of Parmalat classification traceable back once again to Bonlat is recorded since the are distributed ergo: several Consob – Statement 3082946 out-of ; re: Are accountable to government regarding the possible criminal activity – attachment 9 pp. 14-15; Detail//Summary of the depositaries of your own group’s liquidity because the a percentage of your own principal numbers. 11 Consob – Declaration 3082285 of ; re: Parmalat Finanziaria Spa – Report to authorities out of suspicion from criminal activity, p. 3.

Quick assets posted with the Bonlat harmony layer at Most recent account on Financial out-of The united states 320 Cheques 116 Full € 436

That it measure are suggested from the Offer Thornton and you may accepted throughout the consolidation of one’s equilibrium piece (as a matter of fact 2,374 – 143 = dos,231 USD at which dos,231/1

Ties printed so you’re able to working capital for the Bonlat financial statement during the Bonds deposited at the Financial out-of The usa 819 Epicurum Funds 504 Promissory notes 804 Total € dos,127 The degree of “Bonlat exchangeability” during the because the influenced by the newest CONSOB differs from you to definitely found from the times of Board regarding Statutory Auditors on the ten/4/03 as well as in their connection. “Bonlat liquidity” as mentioned on the Board from Legal Auditors moments, is restricted to “bonds working financing during the portfolio from part Bonlat” that is cherished at euro dos,374,373,114. The fresh new attachment suggests but not your currency device might be USD, perhaps not euros. Furthermore, no matter what and this tool off account is utilized, the latest rates about Panel out-of Statutory Auditors minutes aren’t verified because of the the ones from the new CONSOB. As a matter of fact, find a hookup in Anaheim California converted into euros, the degree of this new “ties within the working-capital” was comparable to 2,264 million, whilst in conformity towards the CONSOB it could be 2,127. New communications regarding opinions is certainly noticeable for the quantity of the main city subscribed from the Epicurum Fund, namely 504 million euros (529/step one.0487 = 504). Throughout the Board out of Legal Auditors minutes indeed brand new reclassification regarding the newest promissory notes of working-capital in order to repaired financial assets when you look at the the level of USD 143 million otherwise euro 120 million try overlooked. 0487 = 2127).At the ending up in the latest financial experts towards the 10/4/03 all the info on the liquidity looked like supplied essentially due to the fact an example/statements of figures contained in the following table: 14 In particular, p. 02 of the minutes regarding ten/4/03 the fresh Board out-of Legal Auditors Parmalat Finanziaria health spa, Ending up in the latest auditing companies Deloitte and you can Give Thornton: Obtain details about Notes regarding the group’s liquidity. 15 File “Re Bonlat Ties”, delivered into thru fax away from Offer Thornton Salon of the Dr. Verde to help you Dr. Brughera. sixteen The fresh new CONSOB – Statement 3082285 from ; re: Parmalat Finanziaria salon-Report to law enforcement off suspicion out-of criminal activity, p.3; p. step 3. 17 Funding gains towards the euro/USD rate of exchange of 1.0487 of such as quotations used in sales from harmony sheet sets on the pp. 112-113 of one’s Parmalat Finanziaria Salon consolidated financial statement – posted adaptation. 18 Money gains towards euro/USD exchange rate of 1.0487 regarding as with quotations utilized in transformation of harmony sheet sets on pp. 112-113 of your Parmalat Finanziaria Health spa consolidated financial statement – released version 19 Brand new CONSOB Report 3082946 out of , re: Report to the police regarding uncertainty away from crime, p.3 – attachment 19, pp. 6-7: Bonlat – Memo. 20 Parmalat Classification, FYE 2002 Abilities and methods, , Milan – Fall several

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