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Im starting a PGCE in September and have applied and been granted a maintenance loan of ?8999

Im starting a PGCE in September and have applied and been granted a maintenance loan of ?8999

I have been out of the UK for 3 and a half of the past 5 years, travelling in different places. Would I still be classed as a UK resident as I haven’t actually ‘lived’ anywhere else during my time away?

Jake Butler Hi Melissa, this is a tricky one and could depend on your registered address. If you’ve just been holidaying or visiting the other countries then you could still be classed as your main home being in the UK for the past 3 years. However, if you’ve been living abroad for longer periods of time it might be tricky. It’s always worth double checking with student finance.

Sandra Hello, I was just trying to look in to help with fees for my daughter to study at vetinary university, are there scholarships for those who are getting good grades at college etc..

Charm Hattersley My 27 year old son has Aspergers and has just been offered a place on a part time photography course at college. The course is ?560 pounds and he has no income of his own. He doesn’t receive any benefits and is financially dependent on us. Are there any bursaries or funding that might help him?

Melissa I am looking at applying to start an undergraduate degree and have been trying to look into whether i would be eligible for student loans

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I’m finding it very hard to find extra support help for people like me who have chosen to study at home, work but don’t always have the funding to support the stuff I need for studying?

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I’m also entitled to a bursary between ?15-20,000 because of my subject and grade. Will my maintenance loan affect my bursary?

Vicky Hello, is there any grants/loans for extra financial help for new university students studying at The Open University in October?

Dimitris Hello, I have recently gotten an offer for a course, and student loan of 5300 for the year. I am worried this won’t be enough to cover my rent. As I am currently on housing benefit and I am working part time.

Jake Butler Hi Dimitris, please see all the info about the special support grant on this page. There’s more info on eligibility up there.

Lydia Akinwunmi Hi Jake, I am a 53 years old single woman, who is starting a Master degree in , funded by the new Postgraduate loan which covers my tuition, with no living expenses and cost for travel and books. I have tried crowdfunding however, with very little responses. What guidance can you give me on maintenance fund?

Jake Butler Hi Lydia, the majority of postgraduate students tend to do part time work alongside their studies in order to get by with living costs.

david morris Hi, I am 56 and I have applied to do a certificate in safe guarding. The course cost ?2,400. I would like to know where I can get a grant and or any kind of help to pay for this course if if its half the amount. thank you.

Jake Butler Hi David, as this is not a university based course I can’t be sure on the funding. It sounds unlikely that there will be anything on offer for you but I would suggest contacting the course provider. Hope that helps, Jake.

Liz Hi My husband who has indefinite leave to remain in UK is applying for a BAcourse full time. I’m a British citizen.we live in private rented accommodation in London. He’ll give up work to study.i am earning a low wage of 10400 a year. It seems he is not entitled to Housing Benifet and our rent is a London rent. ?(he hasn’t applied yet due to the cost) Thank you for your time

March 29, 2022

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