I thought you were going esatto share everything with me

I thought you were going esatto share everything with me

You are going onesto share only the food and nothing else. I don’t even want onesto see your faces! What am Goffo do now? You have preciso purge them all. Can you repeat ‘Rama, Rama’? I’ve never heard of it; I’m just an illiterate person. I can’t repeat it. Can you give me something easier? Let’s see, look at this. Can you repeat it? Sit mediante per quiet place and just go on repeating ‘Mara mara mara. That will save me from all my sins? You have already enlightened me quite per lot. You seem to be a good swami. I’ll begin right here and now. I don’t want onesto waste any time. Yet it is true!

Mara mara representing the tree ANTAHKARANA He sat for years like that until at last an anthill was formed completely covering his body

So he just sat under a tree and went on repeating “verso . Yes, because he was so deeply interested sopra that, he forgot everything else. Even his body became benumbed as if the fuse was blown sopra the main power house. This is what happens con samadhi. So after per long, long time somebody just passed and happened preciso disturb the anthill and the saint Valmiki emerged. Later he got the divine vision of Nobile Rama’s life and wrote the entire epic story of Raayana. What is esatto be learned from this story? He just concentrated on that mantram and forgot everything else.

All the sins slowly dried up for want of nourishment and died away. If you do not pour scodella on your plant, what will happen? It will slowly wither and die. Our habits will also slowly wither and die away if we do not give them an opportunity onesto manifest. You need not fight esatto altola a habit. Just don’t give it an opportunity onesto repeat itself. That’s all you have to do. Any kind of habit can be easily removed this way. And that is possible by cultivating one proper habit. The mind must have something preciso hold https://www.datingranking.net/it/ashley-madison-review on to, so you stick to one thing and all the other things die. So, the Karma Cleaning Process, mediante this case only by using Meditation and Mantra Initiation and sitting for years you can remove all your problems.

If we use more advanced techniques we can speed up this process

The Kundalini Kriyas. Alchemical VITRIOL. Access the the Soul Chakra. The Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process for removing Energy Blockages. With all this we can remove all those bad impressions fast! Now puro finish the Sutra, “. In meditation you are conscious of all three – subject, object and process of meditation. But at this point, moving into Samadhi, the three become one; either the object becomes subject or subject becomes object. There is a merging, a fusion, of the Lower Chakras with the Higher Chakras. Meditation naturally flows into Samadhi with the Light of ten thousand suns, and you become that sun through a process of fusion. When nothing remains preciso prevent that process, all the seeds have been burned, the we have EnLightenment.

And when there is no subject-object separation, there is mai process either. The mind is completely absorbed and loses itself in the ispirazione or object of meditation. The process of evolution continues towards a crystallisation of the Psychic functions. Every thoughtform or talent needs onesto be purified of its negativity. When this has occurred then through the application of energy from the higher chakras, the psychic function or talent can become per hardened crystalline structure which is more difficult puro affect – it is impossible esatto place implant blockages mediante them for example – and because smaller, much more efficient. Patanjali gives the example of an object near verso crystal. If you put per red flower near verso crystal, the crystal itself appears preciso be red like the flower.

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