Muscles Assignment

What is the role of tropomyosin in muscle contraction?
Choose 1 answer:
  • (Choice A)
    To release troponin from tropomyosin, allowing myosin to bind to the actin filament
  • (Choice B)
    To release calcium from the sarcoplasmic reticulum
  • (Choice C)
    To prevent myosin from continuing to slide up the actin filament
  • (Choice D)
    To aid in myosin ‘cocking’ on the actin filament
    1) True or False: ALL movement in the body is controlled by muscles.

    2) How many muscles are in the human body?


    3) How would you describe muscle cells?

      Long and thin individual strands
      Long and thin bundles
      Short and thick individual strands
      Short and thin bundles
      Long and thick bundles

    4) True or False: Only a few of our muscles come in pairs.


    5) Which of the following is a special muscle that pumps blood through the body?

      Cardiac Muscle
      Smooth Muscle
      Skeletal Muscle

    6) Organs are controlled by which of the following?

      Cardiac Muscle
      Smooth Muscle
      Skeletal Muscle

    7) Which of the following is a characteristic of skeletal muscles?

      They cover our skeleton and move our bones
      They consist of long dark and light bands of fibers
      They are voluntarily controlled
      They are sometimes called striped muscles
      All of the Above

    8) Tendons connect:

      Muscles to Bones
      Skin to Bones
      Biceps to Triceps
      Skin to Muscles
      Muscles to the Brain

    9) True or False: Muscle memory increases our skills at sports and music.


    10) What is the term for when muscles shrink from lack of use?


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