All you planned to know about different genitals kinds aˆ” types, models, and sex tricks

All you planned to know about different genitals kinds aˆ” types, models, and sex tricks

The amount of kinds of vaginas are there any? As most folk you shouldn’t see that many vaginas, we’re not competent in distinguishing all of them. However, if you’re a GYN medical practitioner or a Brazillian wax master, these are typically witnessing a huge selection of pussies just about every day. According to this option, discover five several types of vaginas – why don’t we take a closer look at all of them.

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Preface: short anatomy on the genitals

Even though it might feel checking out Campbell’s biology, understanding what all of our girl bits are made of is vital if you are able to identify between different varieties of vaginas which are about. Without more ado, why don’t we get into the nitty-gritty of vagina physiology.

Labels that doctors used to explain feminine genitals

  • Gans clitoris.
  • Labia minora.
  • Labia majora.
  • Urethra and pussy opening.
  • The muscle close the genitals.

Vagina is actually a tube that links the vulva and the cervix; the main one kids pass through on the method to the whole world, the place where you insert monthly period servings, tampons, and the spot where the man’s cock happens during sex.

Anatomically talking, the snatch is a vital course channel – such as, it’s familiar with move sperm towards cervix after climax.

Form: 5 different vaginas

When you bring as a result of learning vaginas, you will realize how small we know about them. That perfectly-shaped triangle we come across in photographs just isn’t even the form of the vagina-stratification iceberg – though some girls tend to be lucky enough for an identical profile.

For those who have never ever thought about labeling pussy structures as a Ms.Barbie or a Ms.Curtains, the time has come to do it


This one is the pussy poster kid. Ms.Barbie proprietors posses perfectly symmetric, contained labia majora and labia minora. Both bone frameworks that consist of the genitals remainder along the pelvic bone tissue. A common Ms.Barbie distinction is the fact that labia majora is a lot tighter than labia minora.

Ms.Barbie may be the rarest genitals sort – however, it’s been very marketed in media and pornography that women often see vaginal tightening or labiaplasty to achieve the ideal form.


Ms.Puffs could be the nearest you can easily visited Ms.Barbie – the difference between the kinds of vagina mouth is where labia majora and labia minora are located. While Ms.Barbie enjoys them holding during the amount of the pelvic bone, Ms.Puffs’ lips place reduced, hanging through the pelvic bone.

Regarding Ms.Puff, there are 2 different looks of vaginas around – one with tight-fitting lips additionally the free one. Absolutely one common misconception that genitals mouth have looser when you age or gain weight – however, medical professionals deny the link.


For this style of vagina, the labia minora was distinctly apparent as it’s clinging from labia majora. Even though this may appear intense, the fact remains, their education to which a vaginal lip are dangling loosely varies among ladies.

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