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FAWE Regional Secretariat and FAWE Uganda have developed an online portal www.elearning.fawe.org to support FAWE’s vision of increasing  African girls access to education, perform well and complete their studies and help to see that gender disparities in education are eliminated through the use of ICT in education.

The FAWE E-learning platform has been developed with interactive features to offer course input, course access, course management, assignments, quizzes, certificates, badges, points, drip feed, charging for courses, forums, groups, friend connections, activity feed, among others.

FAWE has engaged Ultimate Multimedia Consult (developers of www.yaaka.cc)  who have developed and availed digital learning content for STEM related subjects as taught in Uganda secondary school education curriculum as well as other STEM and GRP content to support and inspire teachers and learners in STEM related disciplines. Learn more about FAWE STEM project

The STEM online portal is expected to foster interaction, sharing of ideas and experiences among teachers, students and other stakeholder in the education sector across the continent in order to enhance the teaching and learning of STEM at high school level.

In line with the STEM project that FAWE has been implementing, the online portal is expected to spark interest among girls in sciences, enhance holistic learning and spur innovations that are technology driven. The online platform will further enhance ICT literacy among high school teachers of sciences and increase the use of ICT to improve their pedagogical skills through access to teaching and learning materials as well as interactions for STEM improvement.

FAWE expects to track learning outcomes from the ICT integration in STEM teaching and learning in order to generate evidence on the impact that FAWE can use to advocate for policy on increased investment in regard to teaching and learning of STEM through ICT.

FAWE hopes this teachers of STEM related subjects can utilise this platform to improve teaching and learning.

FAWE has offered raining in digital pedagogy to help STEM teachers of partner schools in the purposeful application of new technologies to enhance teaching and learning using ICTs.

The training is helping to transform how teachers approach and think about teaching using available ICT for education tools in order to amplify learning and improve their own learning materials access & interactivity. The training inspires teachers to develop the mind-set, skills and knowledge to create digital hybrid courses rich with digital content for STEM related subjects, as well as student engagement and mentoring.

FAWE has facilitated teachers to to enable better provision of relevant STEM related content in video, audio, graphics, animations that will make teaching and learning of STEM related content interactive and interesting among female students, but also access tested approaches, teaching and learning material on STEM subjects for high school learners in Uganda (shared online by all learners in partner countries).

The demo courses provided here are already developed in multimedia formats. But FAWE is further equipping teachers to engender and teach STEM using this FAWE E-platform  where they can upload content in text, video, audio, images, graphics), lead online discussions forums and group discussions as well as foster better learning and engagement.

The FAWE Elearning platform has been built as a social network for learning. Teachers and learners can form and interact in groups and forums that are connected to courses while any member of the platform can send friend requests, send individual messages or chat live with another member or in a group.

Learners and teachers can learn/train, mentor and share in academics, social and extracurricular activities of their interest, and to especially share and access digital academic materials in text, audio or audio-visual/video; as well as hold or attend classes on internet connected computers or on their mobile digital gadgets.  An offline app is also available for windows computers, while mobile apps are available for android and ios.

, quizzes;  mark/ examine students using different question types),

The FAWE Elearning Platform is designed to enable a teacher offer courses or modules for students to complete and offer them badges or certificates on successful completion. 

We understand many learners would want an easy to access and use source of their academic materials and a platform to explore the best materials and trainers available and benefit from them and have designed the platform with the best mix of technologies to enable interactive multimedia learning, online class discussions, course evaluation and recognition for good performance.

Trainers are able to offer courses and thus badges and certificates to students from across the country and region interested in their teaching services beyond their school. 

After every course or class, teachers can set you an assignment or quiz which you can do automatically at your convenience. The trainer can set the time within which a learner should finish a quiz.

Trainers can set different question types, including objectives, yes or no, short answers, long essay questions or calculations, experiments and enable auto evaluation for relevant courses where the learner can see their score immediately or later after the teacher has evaluated the answers. Email notification is enabled for trainers every time a student finishes a course, assignment, or quiz; and for learners every time a trainer evaluates your course.

We hope teachers can utilise the great content input and class management and evaluation tools that we have made available and will continue to improve in this platform.




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FAWE welcomes teachers of STEM related subjects and indeed other teachers willing to provider digital learning content and learning experiences to apply to use our platform to offer teaching and offer learning in a better way
FAWE will continue to work with teachers of secondary school to lead the teaching and empowerment of girls and boys  towards better learning outcomes and individual development

Gayaza High School [ Chemistry Teacher ]


Kyebambe Girls [ Physics Teacher ]


Iganga Girls [ Biology ]


St Joseph's Nagalama [ Mathematics ]