Poisonous gas with no smells an neutral to litmus. Present to coal gas, biogas producer gas. Carbon monoxide is prepared by partial combustion of carbon monoxide.


  • Colourless gas
  • Very poisonous
  • Neutral to litmus
  • Burns in with a quite blue flame o form carbondioxide gas

Insoluble in water

  • It is a reducing agent:

it reduces hot metallic oxides those of Cu,Fe, Pb, Zn to the metals


Method II:

Preparation of carbon monoxide from ethanedioic acid (exalic acid crystals.) H2C2O4

Crystals of exilic acid are put in a flask and concentrated sulphuric acid is added and the mixture is heated. Hot concentrated sulphuric acd dehydrates exalic acid crystals to give a mixture of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

The gases are bubbled through concentrated potassium hydroxide solution to absorb carbon dioxide gas. (carbon monoxide is collected over water.)


Both gases are colourless

Have no smell

And don’t support combustion.

 Uses of carbon dioxide

  • Manufacture of synthetic petro
  • Used to reduce metal oxides e.g extraction of iron metal
  • Refining nickel (Ni) metal
  • Manufacture of methanol used in antifreeze mixtures in add countries to prevent ice forming in car radiators.
  • Used as fuel in form of producer gas.

ASSIGNMENT : Carbon monoxide Assignment MARKS : 10  DURATION : 1 week, 3 days


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