Mathematics has been part of the Advanced Level curriculum for a long time. However, there has been no Teaching Syllabus in place. The National Mathematics Panel has organised what is being taught in schools into a Teaching Syllabus purposely to ensure uniformity in the teaching of Advanced Level Principal Mathematics in all categories of secondary schools in Uganda, whether first or third world; urban or peri-urban; and those in rural areas.

The flow of the teaching has been carefully considered from the point that some topics give rise to prerequisite knowledge for other topics. Mechanics, for example, has to be taught after some basic topics such as Vectors, Trigonometry and Algebra have been properly covered in Pure Mathematics.

Details of the breakdown of the subject content to be taught per level per term per part are as indicated in the given table. Teachers are advised to follow the suggested and harmonised flow for consistency and uniformity in the teaching of Advanced Level Principal Mathematics. This will ensure efficient inter-school interactions and networking through seminars and workshops.

Course Curriculum

MTH5P2B: Dynamics 1FREE 03:20:00
MTH5P2B: Dynamics 1 Assignment1, 00:00
MTH5P2B: Newton’s laws of motionFREE Unlimited
Newton’s laws of motion Assignment10, 00:00
MTH5P2B: Components and resultant of forcesFREE Unlimited
Components and resultant of forces Assignment10, 00:00
MTH5P2B: MomentumFREE Unlimited
Momentum Assignment10, 00:00
MTH5P2B: Connected particlesFREE Unlimited
Connected particles Assignment10, 00:00
MTH5P2B: Energy, work and powerFREE Unlimited
Energy, work and power Assignment10, 00:00
MTH5P2B: Resultant VelocityFREE Unlimited
Resultant Velocity Assignment10, 00:00
MTH5P2B: Relative MotionFREE Unlimited
Relative Motion Assignment10, 00:00
MTH5P2B: Vector in MechanicsFREE Unlimited
Vector in Mechanics Assignment10, 00:00
MTH5P2B: ProjectilesFREE Unlimited
Projectiles Assignment10, 00:00

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